Caveman & Cavewoman


A character design project working alongside Pixel Reborn.

In a world where dinosaurs are free to roam, and the cave people are free to cower, our two heroes do their best to protect their tiny family members from being snatched off and taken by the hungry dinosaurs.


The character Caveman is a strong, if slightly dull, man who’s main motivation is to protect his family from any and all harm. Always wearing a bit of a question mark on his face, it’s a wonder how he is ever to succeed at his goals. He sometimes does things a bit rashly, which can result in dangerous situations, but in the end it somehow always works out for him.

He went through several iterations before we decided on his final design. The idea that always stuck was he was to look a bit like a simple gorilla of a man. He needed to be serious enough to fight off enemies, but also be able to be a silly and fun character within his colourful world.

As a caveman, he clearly doesn’t have much opportunity to shave or groom in general, hence his scraggily appearance. His clothes are formed of cloths from the hinds of animals he hunts. To accentuate his dullness and strength, I supplied him with small eyes and little to no neck, as well as the more obvious muscles and large build. He also has a lot of sharp and rough shapes to his design, specifically on his hands and knees.


Caveman’s wife, Cavewoman, is a true child at heart. She’s silly, pouty, whimsical, and even a bit cowardly. She doesn’t let too much worry her and relies on Caveman’s strength to protect the family. She can be a bit thoughtless at times, running unknowingly into danger to get something as simple as an interesting looking rock, but if she’s ever in any real danger, Caveman is quick to jump in.

Cavewoman’s design process involved many different personalities, from very motherly to a bit icy. In the end, we decided her childish reactions resonated best with Caveman’s dull strength. I had the most fun playing with her hairstyle and clothing.

Unlike her husband, Cavewoman is very round and a bit pudgy, especially in the middle. Where Caveman has a lot of muscle, Cavewoman has a lot of plumpness. Her rounded shapes go from her nose, all the way to her knees, and toes. She ties up her some of her hair to avoid the heat. She also has small eyes like her husband, as well as some missing teeth.