Stylla: Musical Revolution


A short comic.

In a world that doesn’t have any form of arts, a girl named Stylla suddenly turns everything upside down when she begins to sing in the capitol square. Immediately, she captivated and inspires people from all over. As she becomes the first rising star, three different girls from different parts of the world try to follow in her footsteps in their own ways.
A girl from the capitol tries to teach herself to sew her own clothing.
A girl from a city, training to be an electrician while her true passion lies in singing.
A girl who lives on a farm, meant to take care of the fields, but wanting more.
When these three come together, they learn to follow their passions, and in turn, spread awareness for the beauty of the arts.

While in college, we had a final assignment that had a lot of free rein. I decided to create a comic, as this was always something that I had wanted to do, but never seemed to get around to. Stylla: Musical Revolution is a 20 page comic that follows the origin story of a group of three girls from very different parts of the world aspiring to be like their idol and inspiration, Stylla.

Initially, I imagined the story to be told at a much slower pace, perhaps around 15 pages per girl. But due to time constraints and guidelines of the project, I had to squish my original ideas into just 20 pages.

In the future, I would like to revisit this project to slow the storytelling pace a little and redraw everything using my improved ability.

Although each of the main characters share the same goal, they are all unique.

Shay Lin is the daughter of a long family line of lawyers. She is also expected to pursue law, and although she studies vigorously, her passion lies elsewhere. Living in a high rise apartment in Aima gives her easy access to all the new and exciting trends, usually new technologies, regulations, and scientific discoveries. One day, she is walking by the capitol square in Aima, and notices a crowd. Curiosity piqued, she approaches and is shocked to see a girl, likely around her age, moving around to some type of rhythm, later learning the terms dancing and music. This is what she’s been searching for. Seeing Stylla perform motivated her to study fashion and music on her own time, despite being difficult due to lack of resources. Shortly after Stylla’s debut, companies start popping up, trying to find people to imitate what Stylla has done. Shay Lin starts going to live auditions in her spare time, although never getting further than that. She keeps motivated though, always practicing her singing and improving her clothing designs. Suddenly, she gets an unexpected call about returning for a second audition. After successfully passing the second audition, she signs unknowingly at the time to the same company Stylla works for.


Annalisa comes from Mindin City, about an hour’s train ride from Aima. She’s been studying to be an electrician like her grandfather her whole life. One day, she is relaxing after school and watching the television, when suddenly a news update interrupts her show. It’s a live report of something happening in the capitol square in Aima. There is… a girl? It’s completely unheard of, someone performing a song and dance. The crowd around the girl looks just as shocked as Annalisa feels. But there is something else, too… Over the next week, Annalisa finds herself humming the tune and thinking a lot about this Stylla person. Then, she changes her mind. She will no longer be an electrician; she will become like Stylla. She finds one of her dad’s old shirts and ties it around her like Stylla’s dress and cuts her hair to match Stylla more. Ready to proudly show off her hard work to her mother, she excitedly runs into the kitchen. Her mother laughs gently and fixes Annalisa’s crooked haircut. Annalisa explains her plan to be like Stylla, and, although her mother does not approve, she allows her to pursue it as long as her studies do not fall. From now on, Annalisa will work hard! She practices her singing daily, and dancing as much as she can after school. She goes and buys a camera and memory card so she can send off an audition to become a professional. She puts all her heart into her audition, knowing her mother will not allow her to audition a second time. After mailing it off, she anxiously waits for a reply. Just as she feels about to give up, a man suddenly appears at her door, telling her exactly what she wants to hear: she has passed the audition. He will escort her to Aima where she will begin her training.

Kalyna grew up on a farm in the outskirts of Urray Town, a good four hours from Aima by the fastest train. Always being a quiet girl, she didn’t have many friends and spent a lot of her spare time admiring Aima from the news clips that would periodically be broadcasted. One day, she sees a broadcast that will change her life; Stylla in the capitol square. Stylla confidently performs in front of so many people, and Kalyna immediately feels a connection to her. She tries to imitate Stylla, but something feels off. She keeps watching replays of Stylla on the projector, trying to memorize everything about her. Her father eventually bans her from watching anything related to Stylla, insisting to focus on the farm. Weeks later, by chance she sees a news report of a second musical talent that popped up, going by the name of Nik. Kalyna soon cuts her hair off to match Nik and runs away on a train to Aima. Although she has very little money, she finally feels more at home in Aima. While window shopping, she is approached by a woman who likes Kalyna’s look and asks to recruit her. Not having anything better to do, Kalyna agrees. While explaining the plans for Kalyna’s debut, it’s revealed they have mistaken her as a boy. Although Kalyna doesn’t really mind, she mentions it, worried it might cause her trouble later. The plans for Kalyna’s debut change and she is sent to train with Shay Lin and Annalisa as a group.